Thursday, August 2, 2012

Only in my dreams...

I had another post all planned out for today... but, uh... let's just say the project I had in mind ended up a little messy.  So that will have to wait till tomorrow.  So today we're going to have fun with the Summer Blog Challenge.

What feature does your dream home have to have?

That depends.

If we're talking about right now.  Right this very second, with 3 boys living at home (and the weather too humid to enjoy the outdoor world...) I'd say an awesome playroom.

This playroom, featured at Design Dazzle is perfect.  Cheery colors, windows, LOTS of storage and a puppet theater built in.  In case you didn't know it, Jon and I want to raise a handful of puppeteers.  That way when we're old and senile, they can entertain us.

Brilliant plan, right?

I'm still thinking that my favorite feature is the second level... Gives the kids some of their own space when they need a break from each other.

Okay, so let's say the kids are already grown and gone (*tear*)... If it's truly my dream home, than it already placed somewhere rather isolated, there's already a pond and a barn... well then, I guess that leaves just one thing.

An AMAZING craft studio.

Okay, so this craft studio over at Furnishism doesn't quite fit the bill... But it's pretty close!  However, it needs more color.  So make it turquoise.  We'll accent with red later.  There needs to be a place for a kiln.  Because my epic craft space would include Jon.  And he wants a kiln.

More windows!  I love natural light.

Oh, and if this room could be stocked with everything I want/need to craft, well that would be just fine.

(Did you notice the washer and dryer?  Brilliant!)

So how about you?  What would your dream home include?

While you're thinking about that, don't forget to head over and enter the Sweet Goodness Balm Giveaway!   The giveaway ends tomorrow at Midnight so hurry hurry!

Until next time, Happy Thursday!


  1. Loving that craft room. I definitely would love something like that for myself too.

  2. The playroom is amazing. I would love to have a room like that for my daughter.
    And a craft room would be awesome too! :)

    1. I'm pretty sure if we actually had that playroom, I'd be in there more than anything, lol!


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