Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Copy Kids vs Mister Man

So you remember last week I told you all about an awesome DVD called Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables?  Well I tried it out on my VERY picky 4 year old, Mister Man.

His brother got in on the action.

Once you hit play on the DVD, you end up with a menu to choose a food.  Mister Man wanted avocados.  No surprise.  He likes those.

However, I decided to try this out with one of Mister Man's LEAST favorite foods.  In fact, I chose one that I know for a fact he loathes with a fiery passion.  One that makes him gag when I say I'm eating one.

I chose tomatoes.

Plop.  Both boys sat in front of the TV watching this adorable little girl happily munch on tomatoes.  No real interest in the plate beside them though.  Mister Mister, my 5 year old, will eat tomatoes so it was no surprise when he picked one up... But Mister Man still seemed hesitant.

Has Copy Kids met it's match?

Sigh.  I left the room.  Only to sneak in on this...

What the...  Is he actually going to...

Success!  He finished off the plate of tomatoes before the tomato section even ended.

And then he caught me looking (and snapping pics from across the room...) and proceeded to ask if he could watch the carrot one next.

He hates carrots.

Copy-Kids... you are a miracle.  But let's see how you fare against Mister Mister next week as we take on...

Bell Peppers.

Seriously. My kids hate the best tasting veggies...

If your Little One has a Big Distaste for all things fruit and veggie and you'd like to try Copy - Kids, visit! Each DVD is a mere $19.95.  Well worth it for a 3 award winning DVD!

Oooor you could enter the Copy Kids DVD Giveaway!
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Oh... and today's Summer Blog Challenge totally relates.

What the hardest part about parenting?

Ha.  Getting them to eat veggies. ;)

Actually it's realizing that the time is flying by.  And one day, they won't need me to sneak them veggies.  They'll be off somewhere else, teaching their little ones to eat veggies.

Until next time, Happy Wednesday!


  1. Funny enough our DD will only eat spinach and broccoli - crazy eh? Every other vegetable gets spat out. Need this dvd! :)

  2. Lol, I was always a big fan of those two. Your DD has excellent taste ;)


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