Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to business!

It's Friday!

I'm excited since today marks the first toy I've listed in my etsy shop since going on "maternity leave."

(Do moms ever really get a break anyway? lol)

Either way, I opted for something that I've been thinking about for a while.

Meet Vlad!  I gave him a pretty ridiculous back story in the Sugar Crumbs shop, but truth be told, he's a new favorite.  Maybe it's just because he's the first I've made and listed in a while.

He makes me smile.

Which could be applied to today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt.

What helps you get through meltdowns?

Mine or my kids?

I'm going to assume this is referring to my children.  In that case, it's typically all about distractions.  Many of the meltdowns in this house occur after a late night.  So what do you do with an over tired child who is convinced that his world is falling apart?  Distract with time together.  With an activity.  A book.

For us, that works?

And if this is about me and not the boys... well, that's easy.  Chocolate.


Until next time, Happy Friday!  (And don't forget to stop by tomorrow to see who the lucky winner of our Sweet Goodness Giveaway is!)


  1. Chocolate is a great stress reliever-and they say that dark chocolate can be good for you!

    1. So I'm right on track then ;) lol

  2. Ha. I assumed it was about me and the kids! Either way, generally sleep is the answer.


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