Thursday, May 31, 2012

10 Things I'll miss about being pregnant.

Last night, Jon and I sat up talking about how unreal it is that in just 18 days the little one will be making his debut.  We reminisced about the first trimester... the way I told him.  How nervous and excited we were...  It's been an incredible nine month journey.

I realized last night how much I'll miss some of this.  After all, this is it for me.  Baby Train stops here.  No more.

And that made me kind of sad.  So this seems like the perfect time to take something off my list.  You know, the list I made of things to do before he arrives.

10 Things I'll Miss About Being Pregnant

1. The Post Positive Euphoria
I think you all know what I'm talking about.  That feeling you get the minute that positive develops on the pregnancy test.  You spend a few minutes just staring at it in disbelief and then end up completely elated.  That's pretty much how I felt for days after I got that big fat positive. I was floating on Cloud 9.

2.  Sharing Something Unique with My Husband.
I already had two children when Jon and I got married.  But Jon didn't.  Watching him through this entire experience has been amazing.  Between his overjoyed tears when he found out and his constant concern that my water is going to break at Walmart (lol) he has been the absolute best husband an expecting mama could ask for.  And because this pregnancy has been so much different than the other two, it has been a shared unique experience.

3. The Randomly Appearing Baby Bump
I popped over night.  One day, I looked kind of chunky.  Then I looked all out pregnant.  Which thrilled me because even though I knew I was pregnant before I started showing, it was nice to actually SEE it.

4.  Ultrasounds.
Ultrasounds have always been intriguing for me.  It's just so neat to see a little one just hanging out in there.  However, when it's your own, it goes beyond intriguing.  I teared up the first time I saw a tech type out "Baby" beside the tiny little blob on the monitor.

5.  Watching My Sons Growing Enthusiasm.
Both of my boys have been amazing.  I was expecting them to be excited and then forget but they've proven me wrong.  Especially my oldest.  Every day he asks me how long until the baby comes.  He wants to know what he can do to help.  In fact, he's designated himself as Official Baby Dress-er.  And bed time story reader.  And he's already wondering when he can show the baby his cars and teach him about the solar system.  It's been adorable watching him pick things out for the baby.

6. Indulging in Cravings, Guilt Free.
I've never been one to count calories.  But there was something nice about people pushing that second or third helping of dessert on me.  I am eating for two, after all. LOL!

7.  Newborn Shopping
I love tiny clothes.  Something about little sleepers with animals on the feet just tickles me.  I thought my days of enjoying the baby section were LONG gone, so I have thoroughly enjoyed it this time.

8. Feeling the Baby Move.
The first time I felt a flutter, I sat completely still waiting for it to happen again.  Then the flutters became bumps.  Then bumps became jumps... Followed by full on martial arts. My personal favorite was the night Jon got a good kick.  He had his hand on my stomach, just talking, and Belly Baby just kicked his hand.  Jon's smile made me laugh, he looked like an excited little boy.  And then spent the next 30 minutes talking to my belly, trying to coax more of a reaction out of the Little One.

9.  The Gender Excitement
Oh, that was a fun part.  After several early ultrasounds, we were told that we were having a little girl. Seriously, we had multiple techs say "Oh, that's definitely a girl."  I even have an ultrasound pic printed where you can see why they'd say girl.  We were so excited.  Dressed and tea parties... baby dolls and princess parties... I was ready for another girl in the house.  Then I ended up in the hospital (because I over reacted about stuff... as usual.) and during a check on the baby, the tech said "Well, there you go.  What do you think that is."  And after I looked at the screen I realized our little girl was a little boy!  No wonder he was making mommy so miserable that day... I was calling him a girl all the time!    We were shocked (because we'd planned for weeks thinking he was a she) but thrilled nonetheless.

10. The Anticipation.
Every pregnant woman gets to a point where she is ready to end the experience.  And waiting for that moment is almost like waiting for Christmas.  And lucky me, I even know that date Baby is coming... So I've taken up every calendar in our home with a countdown.  Every day that passes, the excitement builds more.  What will he look like?  Will he like me?  Will he have my eyes or Jon's nose?  Will he like being swaddled the way I think he will?  It's funny, the child lives inside me and yet I'm nervously anticipating our first real meeting! LOL!

Ah, the list could go on and on...  There are so many things I'll miss.  18 days left to enjoy it.  I think I will. :)

Until next time, Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Baby Mobile

So a while back, I posted my grand nursery reveal.

And what got the most attention?  The mobile.

Okay, I'll admit it.  I'm super excited that so many people asked me about it.  Paper crafting is not my strong point so I'm pleased that an attempt I made went well.  And because there has been so much interest, I've decided to post a tutorial.  Because if it's easy enough for me to do it, anyone can do it.  Seriously.

So you're going to need a few things...

  • Colored card stock.  I chose rainbow colors but feel free to choose any you want.  
  • A large circle punch.  I used the one I had, which was 2".
  • 2 pieces of dowel, not pictured.  Because I forgot.  Mine are are 13" wide.
  • Acrylic paint, also not pictured.  
  • Fishing line
  • a needle
  • Hot glue.
Step One.  The Step Not photographed.

           If you want to, grab your dowels and paint them with the acrylic paint.  If you don't want to paint them, just glue them together to make an "X."  

Step Two.  Punch Out 8 Million Circles.

This step requires a little planning, depending on the look you'd like to achieve.  I wanted a cascading rainbow so I planned for that.  There are three strands of circles per arm of the "X" and one in the very center.  To give a cascading look, you'll want the strands on the arms to be different lengths.  I added about 2 inches to each strand as I worked inward.  To really make this easy for myself, I made a chart to show what each arm needed, as well as the center.  This is how it looked.  You can already see the cascade!

Just punch out the circles needed for the chart.  And remember, the chart is for ONE ARM.  So yeah. Punch out a million. 

Step Three. Assemble the Strands.

This part's pretty easy, especially if you're following the chart.  Cut a length of fishing line.  I used longer pieces, about 18" to give myself some wiggle room.  Tie a knot at the bottom of the line and then thread it on your needle.  Take the bottom color, push the needle through the center of the circle and let it drop to the top of the knot.  Then tie a knot above it.  I didn't measure this really.  I just used my thumb and index finger as a sort of measuring guide.  

Once you've tied the second knot, add the next color to the line.  

Repeat this until you've made all the strands for the mobile.  This is the most time consuming part.

After you've finished with that, walk away. Have some coffee.  Get a hand massage.  Those tiny knots are awful to make after a while!

The rest is simple.  Tie your strands to the "X," the longest in the center of it.  Shortest on the outside.  You can probably get away with just tying them on but I put a dot of hot glue on top of each knot for security.  The hardest part of this step is making sure that the top colors are relatively even.  And even that doesn't have to be perfect.  I just eyeballed mine.

That's. It.  You're done.

Easy peasy.  

And now you know my secret.

I know a few of you were planning on making one and if you do, I want to see it!  I'm thinking about making another for my room... Maybe this time without the chart!

Until next time, Happy Tuesday!


Monday, May 28, 2012

"Mama, I've got your back."

I wasn't planning on blogging today.  After all, I'm prepping for tomorrows much anticipated tutorial.  But during a break, I came across a blog post that I feel compelled to share.

As many of you may know, one of my big "things" is mom hate.  I have a really tough time handling moms hating on other moms.  It doesn't matter what a mother does, there is someone out there talking about her or criticizing her.  And more often than not, moms are doing what they think is best.

For example, I've had 2 c sections.  The first was an emergency, the second was highly recommended due to the state my previous incision site.  And despite those reasons, I still to this day have people make remarks that I "took the easy way out."

I formula fed my oldest and was told I was depriving my son of vital nutrients. I breastfed my youngest and had people tell me I was raising a "too dependent child."

See, it doesn't matter what moms do.  There is always someone there to make sure to let you know you are doing wrong.

This just does not sit well with me.  Mothering is a tough job.  It doesn't matter who you are or how much experience you have... Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs you can take on.  Rewarding, yes.  But a challenge.  And having tons of people condemn you for trying to make the right choice does NOT help.

So when I came across a post on addressing this issue, I was immediately interested. The blogger at HerBabySteps recalls a situation when a well meaning friend spent time judging another mom and realizing how awful she would feel if she were the mom under fire.  She goes on to make a pact that she will be supportive and non judgmental with other moms.

It's a tough thing to try to do but so worthwhile.  So I'd like to commit to that as well.

So Mamas... I am joining this pact.  I have your back.  Regardless of how you feed your child or what you put your child to sleep in.  I'm always happy to share advice and opinions when asked but I will never condemn you for doing something that doesn't fall in line with my beliefs.  I'll be supportive in any way that I can. Regardless of my personal opinions.

After all, we all have one very major thing that connects us. We love our children.  And that, my fellow caring mothers, is the most important thing to remember.

Until next time, Happy Memorial Day.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

6 Thing Sunday. Baby.

I nearly flaked on today's post.  Because I have baby on the brain and didn't want to keep subjecting you all to the things that are floating around in my head that are baby related.

But ya know what?  I'm gonna.  Because I'll bet some of you other mamas are just as baby obsessed right now as I am.

So without further ado, lets begin this weeks 6 Things Sunday.

Baby Items I'm obsessed with.

1. The Bloomin' Baby Bath
    I don't have this but I want one!  This amazing little contraption is a foam flower you place in your sink to make bathing baby a little easier.  It's said to be amazingly soft and supportive for delicate little ones. Once you're done bathing, just toss it in the dryer or hang it up to dry.  Some moms even claim older babies use it as a floor cushion.  I want, I want, I want! The perfect reviews make this item well worth the $50 price tag. 

Really.  I need this.

     Yes, it is a well known fact that I love cloth diapering.  For probably a million and ten reasons.  And while there are all sorts of amazing cloth diapering options out there (That may call for it's own post...), I still find that prefolds are my go to.  There's just something natural and comforting about them and I don't know why. It doesn't hurt that they're the most economical way to cloth diaper.  At about $1.50 a piece, you can't go wrong.  

3. The Fisher Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper
     We have a lot of baby gear.  A lot. Yet this is the piece I'm most excited to use.  I already have it assembled and in my room... ya know, just in case Belly Baby makes an early debut.  I can definitely see why moms rave about this one, just by looking at it.  It's compact, light weight, perfectly positioned for babies with reflux issues and approved for all night sleeping.  Just read reviews from others moms and it's clear that this little baby is well worth it's price.  Which is right around $50. Not bad, not bad.

    I'm having a summer baby!  Yay!  I love that I don't have a whole lot to be concerned about with bundling my little bundle of joy up.  After all, those post partum hormones often left me feeling much warmer than it actually was with my other two.  And then I'd feel paranoid about the layers I dressed them in.  Was it too much? Too little.  Summer baby seems perfect for this sort of paranoia.  Throw on a onesie and go!  And nothing beats dressing up a onesie with striped leg warmers.  They're easy to DIY but if you'd rather buy, they're widely available.  I love the ones from My Little Legs!

5. The Girasol Snow Rainbow Woven Baby Wrap
    I love baby wraps.  So comfortable. Versatile. Long lasting.  I have several but the Girasol Snow Rainbow is my unicorn.  Of course I'd fall in love with a Limited Edition baby wrap. I'd love to tell you where to snag this beauty.  But alas, she's stayed hidden from me.

    Yep, I make my own detergent.  But that didn't stop me from using the sample pack of this amazing detergent I received with a cloth diaper.  I tried out Motley Clean and loved the scent.  Apparently their other scents are equally amazing but they also offer an unscented option.  What really sold me is how green this detergent really is.  Their site says it all...
Our detergents are safe for you and the enviro- ment. Rockin’ Green is: Dye free, Comes in several yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin), No fillers, No enzymes or optical brighteners, 100% Phosphate free, Vegan, Great for sensitive skin and much much more.
 If you're thinking about cloth diapering, I highly recommend this.

So there you have it.  6 Things I'm totally obsessed with right now.  What are you obsessed with this week?

Until next time, Happy Sunday!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not much time left!

There is not much time before I put everything on hold to welcome the newest little member into the world and our family.  In fact, there are only 24 days left.  Not that I'm counting or anything.

I keep complaining about how much the time is dragging.  Which is weird for me.  I'm normally so patient!

(Somewhere, my mom is laughing hysterically at the notion that her daughter is "patient."  Okay, Mom.  I'll be honest...)

So patience isn't my strong point.    At all.  I'm already thinking of ways to make myself go into labor before my section date.  Yeah.  I'm a bad girl like that.  But when you're carrying around this much extra weight, you kinda can't help it.

Anyway, I'm making a list.  A list of things I'd like to do before Little Man makes his big debut.  And I think (aka I know) I'm going to share it with you.

  1. Rewrite my shop info.  This is especially important since I plan on taking some time off of Sugar Crumbs etsy shop once the baby is here.
  2. "Camp" in the back yard with the boys.  And by camp, I mean stay up late, roast marshmallows and play with flashlights before we all pass out from exhaustion.
  3. Reorganize the laundry room.  I figure with the amount of laundry I'll be doing, I might as well make the laundry area pretty.
  4. Have a special date night with the husband.  Because we all know how much alone time parents of newborns get.
  5. Clean the van.  I have two boys.  It needs cleaned before I add a third to the mix.
  6. Spend some quality time with my mama.  After all, once the new grandbaby is here, the attention is going to be on him. LOL!
  7. Go see What to Expect When You're Expecting.  The movie doesn't look the best.  But I'm expecting.  It's seems necessary.
  8. Take Sir Yanks A Lot on a long walk.  And I am, of course, referring to the dog.  Who won't be getting many walks from me this summer.
  9. Research summer camps.  Because the boys are finally old enough to enjoy them!
  10. Destash some yarn.  I can't believe I'm saying this.  But I have too many skeins of yarn that I am NEVER going to use.
  11. Freeze meals.  I've never really done this before.  And I don't really need to now.  Between my family and Jon's family, we have plenty of people ready to help however they can... But I kind of like the idea of freezing food to help with the work load after baby is born.
  12. Read.  I'd like to read as much as possible between now and then.  I've worked through tons of books in the past few weeks.  It's be nice just grabbing them at the library too.  I'm getting tons of exposure to authors and genres I've never been interested in.  And now I'm finding interest!
  13. Start the Summer Reading Program with the boys.  One of my favorite things is reading to my kiddos.  So this is just the perfect program for us to get involved in.  Especially since I wont be able to rough and tumble with them for part of the summer.
  14. Go to church.  I miss church.  A lot.  My energy level just isn't where it needs to be on Sunday mornings but that's really no excuse.  I'm really going to make an effort to be there at least once before baby arrives.
  15. Go to a farmers market.  With a DIY market bag.  I don't even need a reason for this one.  It's just an awesome idea.
  16. Write down a list of things I'll miss about being pregnant.  This is my last.  I want to remember it.
  17. Write down a list of things I won't miss about being pregnant.  For the same reason as above.
  18. Crochet baby booties.  This is ridiculous.  It'll be June and HOT when the baby is born.  But I don't care.  Again, last baby.  I'm going to enjoy it.
  19. Make strawberry pie with my boys.  Just because I love them.  And pie.
  20. Hang some family photos.  We need more pics up around the house.  However, Jon and I are ridiculous.  We'd much rather start horrible projects than figure out how to hang pictures. lol.
  21. Paint the hall.  I started it weeks ago.  Pretty sure I should finish it.  Like yesterday. 
  22. Take that walk Jon and I have been talking about for about 3 months now.  Maybe I won't collapse from exhaustion from it.
  23. Get a pedicure.  I can barely reach my feet.  And I plan on living in flip flops this summer.  I NEED a pedicure.
  24. Get my hair done.  This is one of those shallow wants.  I want to highlight the mess out of my hair.  So that it looks less... well, like it does now. lol.

24 things!  I wonder if doing one a day will help pass the time?  Did I miss something?  If you had 24 days, what would you do?

Let me know!  And until next time, Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Do you remember this book?  Cause I don't.  I mean, I read as much Dr. Seuss as the next kid growing up... And now, even.  But I really don't remember this one.

But after finding out that a local preschool has used this book to help gain an interest in science in the class, I've decided I must order this book.  Or check it out, at the very least.

However, my impatience got the better of me and I did some research to see how on Earth this book related to preschool science.  Of course, the answer was right under my nose. 

Oobleck!  This particular teacher had her students making Oobleck. Which is simply cornstarch and water. I bet you remember that experiment!  Once I figured that out, I knew I had to make some Oobleck of my own to give to the kids.

After all, nothing gets my heart pounding like Non-Newtonian fluids.  And apparently, the kids felt the same way!

The boys LOVED it.  Especially my youngest.  He spent the better part of an hour with his hands in that bucket.

Who needs toys?

Wanna make your own "Oobleck?"  It's easy. Mix one part water to two parts cornstarch.  In this case, we did 2 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup of water.  It made the perfect amount for two little boys to get messy.  And the best part?  It rinses away easily with water!

I just love easy clean up!

Until next time, Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

6 Things Sunday: Grateful.

I admit it.   I was eavesdropping.

Not intentionally.  But I wasn't doing much to prevent it either.  Anyway, in the course of eavesdropping (unintentionally) I heard the random person A say to random person B (They were strangers talking  along the road when I checked my mail, calm down!) "Blah Blah Blah... Six Things Sunday."

The blah blah blahs were added by me.  I am misquoting Person A because I wasn't intentionally listening.

I was wrong anyway since Person B (in a much louder voice) said "16 Sundays!  That took forever!"

I wonder what it was...

Either way, 6 Things Sunday has been stuck in my head.  So it's Sunday. I want to try this out!

Let's try 6 things I am grateful for today.

1.  Fresh landscaping.
     I've always loved pretty front lawns.  Unfortunately, as I've said before, I am the plant murderer.  Luckily, Jon isn't and has been diligently working to make our property pretty-ful.  This is just a corner.  I'm seriously going to have to put up before and after photos.  Amazing how different it looks...

2. Sunshine.
     It's been raining.  For days upon days, it seems like. The rain never bothered me.  In fact, I always loved it.  Until I got pregnant with this one.  Now the rain makes me want to sleep. And by sleep, I mean go into a coma.  Today was beautiful.  Which made for quite a pleasant day!

3.  This Blurry Picture.
      This blurry picture of the boys has been an excellent reminder this morning.  A reminder of how fast time goes by.  Seems like just yesterday I could get adorable pictures of my newborn sons without any concern about a blur.  Lol.  Now they're moving, and growing, faster than ever.  This picture is a great reminder to focus on the now rather than tomorrow or yesterday.

4.  Full Panel Maternity Jeans
     I cannot believe I'm sharing this.  But these jeans have been a God sent.  I'm big enough now that my stomach is uncomfortable and I could use some support.  Both physical and emotional! Lol.  And the fact that it conceal my now outtie belly button is a HUGE bonus.

5. My Clothesline
    My dryer broke.  And it left me feeling kind of cranky.  Until I realized I could just be super green and line dry almost everything.  Yes, I made one trip to the laundromat but that was only because of the threat of rain.  But for the most part, I enjoyed hanging clothes to dry in the rare sunshine.

6. Family Days
    With all that needs done nowadays, it's hard to take a moment to enjoy family time.  Nothing makes me happier than watching my family playing in the yard.  In fact, nothing makes me happier than my family.  While I may be grateful for many many things, my family is at the top of the list.  Between my two amazing little boys (2.83 really.  The third is due very very soon!) and my ever supportive and loving husband, I have been immensely blessed.  I cannot imagine life without them.  

So there you have it.  6 Things Sunday. So tell me!  What are you grateful for today?

Until next time, dear reader,  Happy Sunday!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Shaken. Not stirred.

With a title like that, I know you're expecting something crazy and exciting.  Something, I don't know, James Bond like.

Truth be told, there is nothing crazy about this post except how awesome it is.

Because this post is about ice cream.  And lets be honest.  There are few things in this world that compare to the awesome deliciousness of frozen dairy product.

Okay, so the other day I was doing some late night net browsing.  I couldn't sleep (as usual) so I thought I'd stumble around summer like recipes.  And I came across a gem of an idea on Family Fun's website.

It's a simple recipe with few ingredients, most already on hand!  AND it's a recipe that even the kids can get in on.

So.  All you need for this recipe is some half and half, sugar, vanilla extract, salt and ice.  Oh, and freezer bags. One gallon and one pint sized.

Combine the half and half, sugar and vanilla in the smaller freezer bag, seal and shake to mix.  Fill the larger freezer bag halfway with ice and add the salt.  

Here's the fun part.

Pu the small bag into the bag of ice. Seal it and shake shake shake.  After about 5 minutes of shaking, rinse the small bag off (quickly!) and see if it's "ice cream consistency."

If it's not, put it back in the ice and keep on shaking it.

If it is... 

Well, then enjoy!

This simple recipe was delicious AND an awesome arm workout. Not that it matters, though, because once you start eating this amazingly creamy ice cream, you won't stop.  So the arm workout isn't really a bonus here. 

Want to make it?  The recipe is simple.

Home Made Ice Cream in a Bag

  • - 2 tbsp of sugar
  • -1 cup of half and half
  • -1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • - ice
  • -1/2 cup of salt.  
         (The courser the salt, the better.  Rock salt will work best but I used coarse table salt that worked just  fine.  Rumor has it normal table salt works as well!)

  • Combine the first three ingredients in the small bag and seal.
  • Combine the ice and salt in the large bag.  Make sure to fill the bag halfway full of ice.
  • Place the small bag into the large bag and seal.
  • Shake, shake, shake!
  • After 5 mins, rinse the salt off the small bag and check for firmness.

Eat up!!!

So there you have it! Now go make 800 batches.  And be sure to try mix ins, I'm thinking M&Ms.  If you do, come back and let me know what you added.

Until next time, Happy Friday!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

33 days!

We have a date, we have a date!

A birth date, that is!  That's right, we finally FINALLY have a date for my c section.  And that date is just 33 days away.

I'm feeling pretty good about that.  Because for the first time, I am ACTUALLY prepared.  Okay,  as prepared as one can be for a baby.  I guess what they say is true.  Third time is a charm!

With my first, I thought I had more time... So I was lacking in a few areas.  With my second... well, I was so busy taking care of my first that I forgot things!  This time, I started early, made a million lists and had help from the two most awesome, soon to be big brothers of all time.

Seriously.  I think Bean and Monkey are more excited than anyone about this baby.   Bean's been busy readying baby items with me for Belly Baby's arrival and Monkey's been spending a lot of quality time talking to my tummy.

So, anyway, one of the things I always wanted to be able to have done on time was the nursery. Which is pretty stupid considering I'm going to have Belly Baby in the room with me for some time. However, I wanted a completed nursery.  After all, this is my last.  So I decided that THAT was a major priority.

This is what we started with.

Yikes.  Okay so this is the smallest room in the house.  Perfect for a baby.  Except for the fact this it is B.O.R.I.N.G.  White walls, standard carpet... yeah.  Is it any wonder we used this for storage until Belly Baby made his presence known?

Luckily, I had a vision for this room and a husband who happens to be ultra handy. My vision was simple enough.  A room that was calm, yet cheery and would remind the Little One that he was loved.  

This is what was that boring room became.

Seriously.  It's not even the same room anymore.

The closets not done yet and there is some decor missing but all in all... I'm a very happy mama.  Especially considering how much of this room was a DIY project!

My personal favorite piece?  The mobile.

This was the last DIY piece I did in the room and the affect it had was phenomenal.  So much so, that I'll be sharing a tutorial with you here in the next few day.

In fact, I have several tutorials coming your way!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my nursery revamp.  Until next time, Happy Tuesday, folks!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

6 weeks.

It's Tuesday.  Where's the Pinterest pick?

Sorry, folks!  I know you were expecting a review of some awesome pinterest pin but I needed some time off.

So, we're now in the official countdown.  6 weeks (max!) left till the newest little Sugar Crumb makes his big debut.  I'm tired, uncomfortable and generally ready to end this chapter.  While pregnancy is an amazing experience, I am very much looking forward to sleeping without my throat burning.  And to being able to eat more than 3 bites before I end up queasy full.

Ah, pregnancy.

However, that being said, there are a lot of things I still want to do before I end this time.  So many things that I sat down and actually listed them out.  Some are stupid (I'm not going to start a new line...) some are necessary (like prep the house for my recovery) and others are just... well, they're just things I want to do.

So over the course of the next few weeks, you'll notice a shift in the blog.  I'll keep posting tutorials, recipes and whatnot but you can be sure there are going to be more rambling blogs.  Blogs about where I am and I can guarantee you that these posts are going to be a lot more relaxed.  Pinterest Picks may not be on Mondays  but they'll still happen.

Stick around!

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