Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Bucket List

Today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt earns it's own post.

Create a Bucket List with a minimum of 10 things.

1. Visit Peru.
I love Peru.  I've been fantasizing about vacationing there since I was 15.  It must happen.

2. Open my own Brick and Mortar Shop.
The shop would be all boutique style gifts and children's items.  Cause there aren't enough of those in the world.

3.  Get in the physical shape I long to be in.
This mommy body needs some fine tuning. Someone motivate me.

4. Celebrate my 50th anniversary with Jon.
He'll be 81. I'll be 75.  (Hey, when I said I wanted to grow old with you, I meant it!)

5. Watch my children achieve their dreams.
Regardless of where their heart takes them, I want to see the look of satisfaction on their face when it happens!

6. Get that degree I said I don't care about.
The problem is getting myself to sit in front of homework again!

7. Become fairly self sufficient.
I would LOVE a small farm with cows, chickens and garden to die for. (By the way, the cows are for milk and the chickens, for eggs. I'd have to buy meat elsewhere...)

8.  Progress.
I want to keep pursuing my dream of becoming a plush designer. Beyond my small time stuff.

9.  Achieve InterGalactic Oneness.
If you can name the movie, you get 1000 gold stars today.

10. Learn to swim.
Stop laughing.

There are a million more things. But this is what I'm sharing today. What's on your list?



  1. I'd love to go to Peru too! Looks like a fascinating country to visit and spend time in.

  2. Maybe you can take a class to learn to swim and this will help get into good physical shape. You can combine the two. I actually took, getting into shape off my list. I think this is not something to strive for long term, but EVERYDAY of my life.

    1. You are absolutely right! It really should be something one does everyday. Great perspective!

  3. How FUN! I LOVE Bucket Lists! Thanks for sharing :)
    Link'N Blog... Bloggy Love!
    Dawn @ With a Side of Thriftiness!


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