Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge

One of the things I've never done before is a blog challenge.  Mostly because I didn't even know that was a thing!  But an opportunity presented itself and think I'm going to take it.  Kassie of Going Green with the Grizls is holding a blog challenge that seems easy enough for me to jump on board with.  Even with my impending arrival.

I've already missed a few days... What can I say?  I like to be fashionably late.  So here's my speedy catch up.

1.  Why are you doing this challenge?
Easy.  Because I can't turn down a challenge.  Unless its a hard one.
Actually, the real reason is that as I move closer to my delivery, I'm realizing tutorials and recipes and all the normal cool stuff I post (My posts are cool, right?) are going to dwindle a bit this summer.  After all, those first few weeks with a newb are a lot of work.  However, I love my blog and want to keep at it. So let the prompts roll in and I'll keep throwing my normal stuff in the mix.

2. Post a picture of you smiling.


3. List 15 interesting things about yourself.
Really?  15?  I don't know... I mean, I don't want to be so focused on myself... But if you insist.

  • I hate lima beans.
  • Despite being a natural red head (auburn really), I'm always dying my hair... various shades of red.
  • E.T. scares me more than anything in the world.
  • Spiders are a close second.
  • I live by the motto "Why buy when I can DIY?"
  • If I could live on a farm, I would. Complete with chickens and goats.
  • I wouldn't actually eat those chickens. I believe in pet chickens!
  • I spend too much time listening to "uncool" music. Like ELO. Hush.
  • Speaking of ELO, Xanadu is a guilty pleasure movie of mine.
  • I LOVE lists.  I make at least 3 a day. I even have a list of lists to make.
  • My husband's dog is my nemesis. Except when he's not. We have a complicated relationship.
  • I steal my husbands pillow 3 seconds after he gets out of bed. Even in my sleep.
  • Moose are my favorite.  Jellyfish are a close second.
  • Having sons is my favorite.  Because they're just as nuts as I am.
  • I like to munch ice.  By the glassful.  And I'm not anemic. 
There now... that wasn't so bad.

And 4. What's the meaning behind your blog name?
That's a simple one.  There is so much bitterness in this world.  So many people are sour.  And everyone has their time of being a crab apple.  Between my blog and my Etsy Shop, I'm hoping people get a little bit of sweetness.  Even if it's just a crumb.  

Get it?

All caught up!  If you're not following me, now's a good time to jump on board since I'll be updating every day for a while.  You'll get to see my totally awesome responses to the Summer Challenge Prompts AND enjoy my normal rambling.  I know.  You're excited.

Until next time, Happy Monday!



  1. This is really cute! and I do the same thing when my husband leaves the bed im always stealing his pillow! Im following you on facebook! Tristascreations12!

  2. I love your writing style. Very cute and easy to read and real. I really enjoyed reading this! Hope you can "hop" over to see me sometime at :)

  3. Impressive that you did all four days in one post. You go girl! Following your FB page from the hop.

  4. Erin, Very sweet blog! Can't wait to get it ALL read! LOL

  5. Love it :) When I have a bit of time (meaning, when baby's napping) I'll be sitting down to read some of your cool posts :D So glad you could join the Hop!

  6. That was a trifle of answers :) I am following you on Facebook and Pintrest. Looking forward to what you post next. Cheers

  7. Clever way of catching up and you're fast! Good job! I love your motto: why buy when you can diy?
    Cheers to blogging!

  8. I definitely agree with that motto "Why buy when I can DIY?"


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