Friday, June 8, 2012

Indoor Herbs!

Have you ever seen this before?  I was looking for ways to bring herbs inside without taking up tons of space and this is what I found.  The blogger at Not Just a Housewife is a genius.  So much so that I could NOT get this project out of my head.  For days upon days I sat around wondering if I could do it.

And I found out that I couldn't.  Because I have NO idea what tools are in my husbands stash or how to use them.  But Jon was on board and happy to help.

(You ever think he should be running the crafty section of Sugar Crumbs? Lol... he probably could, what with my involvement lately.  I blame pregnancy!)

Either way, an hour of work gave us this.

How awesome is this?  I swear this is the focal point of our kitchen now.  The best part about the whole project was how cheap it was.  We had almost all of the supplies on hand.  All we needed was the three pipe clamps and 3 plants.  Which ran this project up to a whopping $7.

So, it's day 8 of the Summer Blog Challenge.  Today's prompt?

Aside from blogging, what's your favorite guilty pleasure?

That is a tough one.  I like to do so many things, it's hard to narrow it down to just one favorite.  

I like to be productive in a non productive way.  There.  That's my guilty pleasure.  I love to be productive but never in the useful way.  Like, I'm never thinking "Wow! I should reorganize this cabinet!"  Instead, I'll look at said disorganized cabinet and think "I bet I have some felt in there somewhere... I did want to make that cell phone cozy..."  

I chalk this up to Jon's theory.  Creative people are disorganized.  He's really right.  Maybe I should try to focus some of that productive energy into reorganizing the kitchen cabinets today.

Nah.  That'll just turn into me making cookies.

On second thought, I should.  Cookies are sounding mighty tasty right about now...

Happy Friday, folks!!!



  1. I love it! That's how I feel about stuff. I try to clean the kitchen, realize I have "too much flour", and use it for something sweet. LOL :)

  2. I love your indoor garden. I sound just like you, haha!

  3. I love your version! I pinned that the first time I saw it and loved it, now I just need to get around to making it! There is nothing wrong with... 'creative cleaning'! That's the only way I get anything fixed up around here!


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