Thursday, June 7, 2012

Picture This. Something That Makes You Happy.

It's Thursday!  Yay Thursday!  This means we're one day closer to the weekend.  I love weekends.  They're always filled with so much family fun and excitement.

Actually, that's not true.  Weekends around here consist of me going through a near coma from fatigue and Jon working on household projects.  The kids don't really do much different.  Just their usual game of Seek and Destroy.  Hm, I think that might actually be what they're doing.  Seeking and destroying the things I've managed to tidy up in the midst of my weekend fatigue.

By the way, we like to call that my "Sadderday." Get it?

Anyway, it's Day 7 of the Summer Blog Challenge.  And today's an easy one.

Post a picture of something that makes you happy.

Yes.  That is my bed.

And the reason is totally irrelevant to my prior rambling!

So I thought about doing what most moms would do.  Post a picture of my favorite little boys.  But I think everyone knows they make happy.  Most of the time.  I suppose I could have posted a picture of a hobby, pet or some other member of my family.  But again.  You probably already knew those things made me happy.  (Most of the time.)

So instead, I chose the picture of my bed.  For various reasons.  The most obvious is because I love love love to sleep lately.  If I could spend all day sleeping, I would.  I wake up counting down the hours till I can go back to bed.  But that's not the big reason.

It's no secret that I am now huge.  My stomach is so round that bending is near impossible at this point.  Which means making the bed is ridiculous.  So much of the time, rather than put myself through the ridiculous workout of making our bed, I'll just kinda straighten the sheets. Which is NOT the same.  (Nothing is the same as climbing into a bed of cool, smoothed out sheets.)  However, every night after I brush my teeth, I am greeted with not only a neatly made bed but a bed with the sheets neatly pulled back and my pillows arranged the way I like them. 

This, of course, makes me smile.  Every single time.  Not because I'm really that hooked on a neatly made bed.  But because it's my husband who does this every single night.  He doesn't say anything about it.  Doesn't groan or grumble.  Doesn't expect a pat on the back or praise.  He just does it.  And to me, that says a lot.  The fact that he knows me well enough to toss my pillows in the correct place for my knees speaks volumes.  Or that he tucks the blanket way down low so I don't overheat... Amazing!  

I suppose I should have just posted a picture of him.  He does make me happy.  But I think this picture really demonstrates one of the 8,324, 731 reasons he makes me happy.  

Until next time, Happy Thursday!



  1. how sweet! I'm very tired right now and I'm thinking few things could make me happier than 48 hours of sleep!

  2. Wow!! Your husband loves you!! :)

  3. Ugh! I hate when I have to wipe my eyes in order to see posts through the tears of happiness I have when reading them. That's such a lovely thing to do for someone. What a great guy. :)


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