Monday, June 11, 2012

It's the best day everrrrr...

The Summer Blog Challenge continues.  And I'm having a tough time with this one.  Today's prompt is

What has been the best day of your life?

That really is a tough one.  There have been so many wonderful days.

I could choose this moment.

Meeting my first son for the first time was definitely one of the most amazing moments of my life.

Or maybe this one...

After all, you only get to have your second child once!

Maybe this is the moment I should write about.

Nothing beats a romantic elopement.

Then again, there is this...

Seeing this face for the first time certainly made my heart leap.

There are so many "best days."  So many memorable moments.  It would be impossible for me to choose just one.  So I'll leave you with this.

I have been blessed beyond reason.  God has provided me with love and laughter and I am forever grateful. There isn't a single thing I'd change.

Until next time, my sentimental readers, Happy Monday!  May it rank among your best!



  1. What a beautiful family that you have! It's no wonder it's hard for you to choose the best day :)

  2. What a great perspective on life! It's so nice to know how blessed we are - daily!

  3. It was hard for me to pick just one day too! Today was a glorious day just spending all day at home with my little family. Every day is the best day ever! :)


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