Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Blogs I Love.

It's no secret I'm addicted to the blogging world.  I love reading blogs.  So when I saw that today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt is about my favorite blogs, I knew this would be a fun one.

What are 5 or 10 of your favorite blogs?

I could share at least 100.  I'm actually going to share 5.

1.  Little Birdie Secrets

I love Little Birdie Secrets.  You're probably not too surprised.  It's a crafty blog.  Besides having amazing tips and tricks, there is a page of FIFTY favorite craft tutorials.  

I love tutorials.

If you've never heard of the amazing couple behind Young House Love, you need to check them out.  This awesome duo has turned average homes into DIY masterpieces.  And the best part?  They share many of their tips and tricks on their blog.

You know... so interior decorating challenged people like me can get by.

Deb of Smitten Kitchen has the ability to make me toss any idea of a diet out the window.  This blogger features recipes that are mouthwatering and easy to make.  

Next to Pinterest, this is my go to site for new recipes.

Oh yeah.  You've been to Prudent Baby for sure.  Craft round ups, kids tips.  Mommy tips.  This blog has it all.  The recipes and entertaining tips don't hurt, that's for sure.

I actually just started reading this blog not long ago but it certainly needs to be mentioned.  An art teacher turned SAHM, Janelle is the blogger behind Domestically Seasoned and she really shines in her blog.  Between nap time recipes and crafts, she features everything from giveaways to cloth diapering info.  And she delivers it all with a down to Earth flavor.  

So there you have it.  My current blog favorites.  Tell me... where are you hanging out these days?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Nice choices. I will look into them a little more. ;) Thanks!

  2. I love Domestically Seasoned, and will go check out the rest as soon as I'm finished with... well... the list of 100 favorite blogs that's growing steadily to 1000 today. :)

  3. I love reading Young House love too and I am absolutely amazed at their work. makes me want to redo every room in my house. Thanks so much for including me in your blog reading material! We should do a guest post swap soon. WOuld love to have you over here. OXOXOO

  4. It's great reading everyone's SBC posts and realizing that out of the 10 I just read, I don't think there has been any duplicates. WTG.


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