Friday, July 27, 2012

Reminiscing, Reviewing and a Giveaway.

I'm a little blue today.  Not in a big way but enough to mention it.

Why?  Because I'm putting away newborn clothes.  That's right... my little guy has already outgrown them.  Additionally, he's outgrown his newborn cloth diapers.  The little fitted diapers barely fit, the covers only have a few days left of use (the kids growing like a weed...) and the prefolds... Well, I could probably get away with those for a while.

In fact, I've got to say, the prefolds have been my favorite.  I know that's got to sound ridiculous since there are so many amazing brands and types of cloth diapers out there but seriously.  The prefolds have been work horses.  The are amazingly soft, super absorbent and they take a lot of abuse.

I mean, check this out...

So here is a stack of my newborn prefolds.  I just took this about 5 minutes ago.  They have been used daily for over 5 weeks.  And amazingly, not one stain.  I am attributing this to the fact that I can wash them in crazy hot water (without worrying about elastic or anything...) and I can sun bleach the mess out of them without worrying about fading a cute print.

No pun intended. (Sun bleach the mess out of them... of course I typed that.)

I am highly recommending any soon to be cloth diapering mamas to invest in some prefolds.  They're cheap enough that you can buy the newb size along with the "regular" size.  I'm a huge fan of  The infant size is just $1.50 a piece!  I ordered 24 since I wash every two days and it has worked extremely well for us.

Want to know what else has worked for us?

This is Sweet Goodness Balm by My Posh Nest, home of Sweet Cheeks Laundry.  I bought this straight from the seller, hoping and praying for something to help relieve my little ones dry skin problem.  Little Mister doesn't get diapers rashes... instead he has super dry skin that gets irritated over wetness.  On top of that, he has sensitive skin that doesn't play nicely with a lot of skin products.  So we had tried multiple products with little to no luck.

I came across Sweet Goodness balm and figured I'd give it a shot.  After all, it claims to help dry skin, diaper rashes, eczema, sunburn, bug bites... you know... a jack of all trades product.  I was a little skeptical but have been pleasantly surprised!   Little Mister's dry skin was relieved and has stayed perfectly baby soft, smooth and clear since using it.  On top of that, I've used it on sunburns (beach trip... gah!) and it not only feels wonderful on my burn but really improved some areas of it.

This may or may not have something to do with the all natural, moisturizing ingredients it boasts.  Organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula... It really is super moisturizing.  However, it isn't greasy in the least.  It rubs in, leaving nothing but smooth skin.  And an awesome smell.  I'm really loving the fresh cut grass scent I've been using.

I'm also loving the $5.25 price tag.

In fact, I'm loving it so much that I'm giving away two 1 oz tube of Sweet Goodness Balm. You know how much I love to share awesome finds!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh, and today's Summer Blog Challenge...

Talk about an alternative energy source.

I'm going to have to call Optimus Prime and see if he can explain energon a little more.  Er, what kind of energy they use on Cybertron. 

Oh, Transformers... You are stuck in my head.

Until next time, Happy Friday!


  1. A Transformers reference... love it!

  2. I also love prefolds! When was your little one born? My little one is almost 4 weeks old. :( Her newborn prefolds still fit, but I have been putting away many of her newborn clothes because they don't fit. :( If she was wearing disposables, she could stay in them a little longer, but the fluffy bottom and newborn size don't work well together anymore! My little one also gets dried out red skin on her little bottom. I wonder if the stuff you mentioned above would do the trick.
    Oh- one thing I can't live without for my little one is my Mobywrap. I absolutely love that! It has come in so handy for around the house and out and about. It is so comfortable and is perfect for keeping her away from germs at the store and even keeps strangers from touching her. (since she is up against me, they seem to keep their hands to themselves much better!) I love my Moby wrap and use it daily!

  3. We're hoping to CD next time around and E has had relatively sensitive skin!

  4. I can't live without my BOB stroller. It's one of the only things we bought new, everything else was yard sale and consignment but it was SO worth it!

  5. I'm also a huge fan of my moby wrap. I don't think I have one product that is a life saver for me though. The moby wrap has saved my back several times. :0)

  6. I am contemplating purchasing the balm right now lol I've been on the hunt for anything I can put on my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and eczema so no fun! I am going to checkl that out. Cant hurt to try! It's all a trial and error process with eczema

  7. My can't live withouts? Nursing cover, and of course our cloth diapers! One 'baby' product that will be a necessity beyond baby years tho, is our wetbags! They make pool trips so nice.

  8. I LOVE the Sweet Goodness Balm. Definitely a staple in our home!

  9. I really need to try some balm!!! We have some horrible rash problems!


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