Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The Summer Blog Challenge always has a way of making me smile.  And today is no exception.

Talk about a random act of kindness.

My family taught me the joy of giving at a young age.  Which stuck with me.  Nothing gives me as much fulfillment as making other people happy.  Whether it be a random gift, lending a helping hand or sending an encouraging letter, I try to keep up with random acts of kindness.

One of my favorite stories happened at a craft store.  I was off buying yarn (that I probably didn't need) and while checking out, I struck up conversation with an elderly woman holding wool yarn behind me.  She was commenting on how nice it was to see young people crocheting and told me about some of her projects.  I stuck around after I paid to keep talking while she checked out.  Turns out she was a bit short and couldn't pay for her yarn.  So I paid for it. It wasn't much, under $10, but she was so happy not to have to wait till the next time she could get a ride.  And I was thrilled to have helped feed someone else's yarn collection. ;)

Want to start acting kindly in a more random fashion?  Visit RandomActsofKindness.org for ideas, resources and inspirational stories!   RAK is awesome... even more awesome than yarn.


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  1. How kind of you. I adore elderly people. They have some great stories to tell.


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