Sunday, July 29, 2012

6 Things Sunday. Life.

It's Sunday.  I'm officially falling off the Summer blog challenge thing, I think.  Mostly because some of the prompts would just be a waste for me to write about.

Please see my last post on alternative energy.

It's  not that they aren't good prompts but some just don't apply to me.  However, today's prompt is one that made me think.

How does your life measure up to the one you envisioned as a child?

I had to giggle at this one.  Only because I remember the silly notions I had as a child.  Big house, white picket fence and diner parties on the terrace.  Pretty sure I didn't even know what a terrace was when I was younger.

Actually, I was a typical little girl with typical dreams.  Awesome husband, no kids, a house to call home and a dog to greet me when I came home from my job of being a doctor/celebrity.

I don't think it's absolutely necessary to tell you my life didn't quite turn out like that.  So today I give you this.

6 Things Adulthood Handed Me That I Didn't Expect.

1. Kids.
Not one, not two... but three.  As a kid, I had decided I was never having children.  I had better things to do than "tend to a squawking brood of brats."  And yet, here I am.  Blessed with 3 amazing little boys.  After having my first, I knew being a mommy was EXACTLY what my heart not only needed but wanted.  I just love being a mom.

2. Divorce.
I think ever little girl dreams of happily ever after... Including me.  However, what I was handed the first time around was a divorce that came from complete emotional anguish and the realizations that "Happily Ever Afters" really are just for fairy tales.

3. Toy making.
I've always enjoyed being productive.  But I never imagined that I'd spend my time at home, making cutesy little toys.

4. Remarriage.
I didn't expect divorce... Do you really think I envisioned getting married a second time?  But I did.  Very hesitantly, I opened my heart to someone else, learned to trust and learned that just because "Happily Ever Afters" are for fairy tales doesn't mean that real life can't be equally magical.  In my husband, I've found my best friend and confidant and learned to trust once again.

5. Laundry.
I never expected so much laundry.

I've reached a point where I enjoy pursuing things.  But not so much to change my life or world.  I'm content with where I am.

Even though that means I'm just a stay at home mom, blogging when I'm not taking care of 3 crazy kids or creating some new toy instead of traveling the world as a celebrity doctor.

So does my life measure up to what I envisioned as a kid?

Not at all.

It is so much more beautiful than I ever hoped.

Until next time, Happy Sunday.


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  1. I love the laundry comment! I never noticed much with my first, but now we have two and I feel like I am really doing laundry all the time (although half of that is cloth diapers). You can read my post here =

  2. I'm glad you were able to find your real-life magical! I want to believe that 'Happily Ever Afters' (although not guaranteed) are still possible!

  3. Very interesting perspective about the highlights and challenges you've had as an adult. I didn't envision myself with children either...nor the amount of laundry that goes with being a parent. :)


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