Thursday, July 12, 2012

I need a REAL vacation.

Not because I'm overwhelmed or exhausted or anything... But because of today's Summer Blog Challenge prompt.

Talk about a favorite vacation

Okay, so this prompt was super exciting.  Until I realized I don't have digital copies of pics from most of the trips I've taken.  I mean, I've visited some really cool places.  But I either lost pictures during computer crashes or have print copies from disposable cameras I bought.

(Why was I buying disposable cameras?  Seriously? Who does that?)

Pretty sure this means I need to go to Hawaii.  You know, just to get new pics to share with you guys.

Either way, I'm not going to leave you hanging.  There is one trip that was very special to me AND I just so happen to have pics right at my fingertips!

December of 2011, Jon and I decided to pack up and head to DC for a trip to the museums.  I had just found out about my pregnancy and we wanted to get a day to ourselves before the craziness of baby prep set in.

Getting to the museums was pretty interesting.  It ended up with us getting lost trying to find parking, Jon getting out of the vehicle to "cool off." parking in a parking garage 4 million miles away and a long walk to the museum.

It ended up being the most fun walk ever though! Just Jon and me, giggling over people wearing weird costumes and checking out modern art along the way.

But the Smithsonian did not disappoint. Something about giant dinosaur bones brought out the kid in me.  They really were just as cool as they were when I was a kid, visiting the museum for the first time.  It doesn't hurt that I didn't grow much so everything still seems enormous.  

Of course, the jellyfish hanging from the ceiling ended up being my personal favorite.

Jon, however, found his favorite thing later on...

Okay, so my husband LOVES butterflies.  So when we had the opportunity to check out the live butterfly exhibit, you know he jumped all over that.

Of course, he acted like that long stay in the exhibit was all for me.  LOL!  However, the entomologist in Jon was super excited to be around all of these butterflies.  I can't blame him, though.  There's something magical about watching tons of butterflies flit around.

Our Smithsonian trip ended with the mammals.  It was there that I realized moose really are the coolest animals ever.

No, I already knew that.

So there it is!  Proof that I need to take an exotic vacation.  Who wants to fund this for me? ;)

Until tomorrow, Happy Thursday!



  1. I am up for a Hawaii Vacation myself! I think sometimes we forget that right in our own backyard is some really neat "things" to do and see. I have yet to go to the Smithsonian!

  2. Actually the trip to Washington DC is on the list of places I would like to see again. The Smithsonian Museums are wonderful and quite memorable. It's been a good 20+ years since I went there...but still made a huge impression on me. Hawaii or some other exotic location sounds equally exciting!


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