Sunday, May 20, 2012

6 Things Sunday: Grateful.

I admit it.   I was eavesdropping.

Not intentionally.  But I wasn't doing much to prevent it either.  Anyway, in the course of eavesdropping (unintentionally) I heard the random person A say to random person B (They were strangers talking  along the road when I checked my mail, calm down!) "Blah Blah Blah... Six Things Sunday."

The blah blah blahs were added by me.  I am misquoting Person A because I wasn't intentionally listening.

I was wrong anyway since Person B (in a much louder voice) said "16 Sundays!  That took forever!"

I wonder what it was...

Either way, 6 Things Sunday has been stuck in my head.  So it's Sunday. I want to try this out!

Let's try 6 things I am grateful for today.

1.  Fresh landscaping.
     I've always loved pretty front lawns.  Unfortunately, as I've said before, I am the plant murderer.  Luckily, Jon isn't and has been diligently working to make our property pretty-ful.  This is just a corner.  I'm seriously going to have to put up before and after photos.  Amazing how different it looks...

2. Sunshine.
     It's been raining.  For days upon days, it seems like. The rain never bothered me.  In fact, I always loved it.  Until I got pregnant with this one.  Now the rain makes me want to sleep. And by sleep, I mean go into a coma.  Today was beautiful.  Which made for quite a pleasant day!

3.  This Blurry Picture.
      This blurry picture of the boys has been an excellent reminder this morning.  A reminder of how fast time goes by.  Seems like just yesterday I could get adorable pictures of my newborn sons without any concern about a blur.  Lol.  Now they're moving, and growing, faster than ever.  This picture is a great reminder to focus on the now rather than tomorrow or yesterday.

4.  Full Panel Maternity Jeans
     I cannot believe I'm sharing this.  But these jeans have been a God sent.  I'm big enough now that my stomach is uncomfortable and I could use some support.  Both physical and emotional! Lol.  And the fact that it conceal my now outtie belly button is a HUGE bonus.

5. My Clothesline
    My dryer broke.  And it left me feeling kind of cranky.  Until I realized I could just be super green and line dry almost everything.  Yes, I made one trip to the laundromat but that was only because of the threat of rain.  But for the most part, I enjoyed hanging clothes to dry in the rare sunshine.

6. Family Days
    With all that needs done nowadays, it's hard to take a moment to enjoy family time.  Nothing makes me happier than watching my family playing in the yard.  In fact, nothing makes me happier than my family.  While I may be grateful for many many things, my family is at the top of the list.  Between my two amazing little boys (2.83 really.  The third is due very very soon!) and my ever supportive and loving husband, I have been immensely blessed.  I cannot imagine life without them.  

So there you have it.  6 Things Sunday. So tell me!  What are you grateful for today?

Until next time, dear reader,  Happy Sunday!


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