Sunday, May 27, 2012

6 Thing Sunday. Baby.

I nearly flaked on today's post.  Because I have baby on the brain and didn't want to keep subjecting you all to the things that are floating around in my head that are baby related.

But ya know what?  I'm gonna.  Because I'll bet some of you other mamas are just as baby obsessed right now as I am.

So without further ado, lets begin this weeks 6 Things Sunday.

Baby Items I'm obsessed with.

1. The Bloomin' Baby Bath
    I don't have this but I want one!  This amazing little contraption is a foam flower you place in your sink to make bathing baby a little easier.  It's said to be amazingly soft and supportive for delicate little ones. Once you're done bathing, just toss it in the dryer or hang it up to dry.  Some moms even claim older babies use it as a floor cushion.  I want, I want, I want! The perfect reviews make this item well worth the $50 price tag. 

Really.  I need this.

     Yes, it is a well known fact that I love cloth diapering.  For probably a million and ten reasons.  And while there are all sorts of amazing cloth diapering options out there (That may call for it's own post...), I still find that prefolds are my go to.  There's just something natural and comforting about them and I don't know why. It doesn't hurt that they're the most economical way to cloth diaper.  At about $1.50 a piece, you can't go wrong.  

3. The Fisher Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper
     We have a lot of baby gear.  A lot. Yet this is the piece I'm most excited to use.  I already have it assembled and in my room... ya know, just in case Belly Baby makes an early debut.  I can definitely see why moms rave about this one, just by looking at it.  It's compact, light weight, perfectly positioned for babies with reflux issues and approved for all night sleeping.  Just read reviews from others moms and it's clear that this little baby is well worth it's price.  Which is right around $50. Not bad, not bad.

    I'm having a summer baby!  Yay!  I love that I don't have a whole lot to be concerned about with bundling my little bundle of joy up.  After all, those post partum hormones often left me feeling much warmer than it actually was with my other two.  And then I'd feel paranoid about the layers I dressed them in.  Was it too much? Too little.  Summer baby seems perfect for this sort of paranoia.  Throw on a onesie and go!  And nothing beats dressing up a onesie with striped leg warmers.  They're easy to DIY but if you'd rather buy, they're widely available.  I love the ones from My Little Legs!

5. The Girasol Snow Rainbow Woven Baby Wrap
    I love baby wraps.  So comfortable. Versatile. Long lasting.  I have several but the Girasol Snow Rainbow is my unicorn.  Of course I'd fall in love with a Limited Edition baby wrap. I'd love to tell you where to snag this beauty.  But alas, she's stayed hidden from me.

    Yep, I make my own detergent.  But that didn't stop me from using the sample pack of this amazing detergent I received with a cloth diaper.  I tried out Motley Clean and loved the scent.  Apparently their other scents are equally amazing but they also offer an unscented option.  What really sold me is how green this detergent really is.  Their site says it all...
Our detergents are safe for you and the enviro- ment. Rockin’ Green is: Dye free, Comes in several yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin), No fillers, No enzymes or optical brighteners, 100% Phosphate free, Vegan, Great for sensitive skin and much much more.
 If you're thinking about cloth diapering, I highly recommend this.

So there you have it.  6 Things I'm totally obsessed with right now.  What are you obsessed with this week?

Until next time, Happy Sunday!


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