Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinterest Pick of the Week: DIY Chandelier

I don't think I'm the only one out there who is CONSTANTLY finding things on Pinterest that I want to add to my home.  The real problem is that most of the things I really really like look seemingly impossible to recreate ooooor I'm just to busy to be bothered with things that take 8 million years.

Turns out I found something that caught my eye enough that I was thinking about it for nearly 3 weeks.

Okay, so I came across this DIY faux capiz chandelier from  And I loved it. Sorta.  It seemed simple enough, just iron a few sheets of wax paper together, cut out a million circles, glue them together with fishing line and attach to a hanging plant basket.


It was missing something though.  I'd all but given up on finding a way to make this work for me when I found this beauty.

This mobile from is made in a similar way.  Only instead of wax paper circle, she made dimensional hearts out of book pages!  Oh, and she sewed them together.  Which sounds way more daunting than it actually is.

After a few minutes of staring at the book page mobile, it dawned on me.  I could COMBINE the two ideas for the perfect faux chandelier in my bedroom!  There's no overhead light in there so my ceiling needed some love.  And so, my book page mobile was born.

Awesome.  I just love that mobile... Even though it's hanging crooked in this picture because I took pictures before straightening it.

All I did was punch a million circles out of an old yard sale book with a 2" hole punch from Michaels. And then I sewed a bajillion strands that measured 8 circles long and a bajillion more strands that measured 6 circles long.  So I had the body of a capiz, the flat and one dimensional look of the capiz and the lovely look of book pages like the book mobile.

After all the pieces were sewn together, I hot glued them to a wire wreath form, thread a ribbon around it and hung it on the ceiling.

That's. It.

So all in all, I spent maaaaybe $6 on this whole project.  It was easy to do but a little time consuming.  If you want to make your own, I highly recommend punching out more circles than you think you need.

Want to make your own?  Check out and for full tutorials.  Each is picture heavy and offers helpful tips for each step along the way.

Oh.  And don't be scared of the sewing.  It goes WAY faster than gluing. And leaves less burn marks on your fingers. Trust me.

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