Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest Pick! DIY Felt Matching Game

I'm late!  So, yesterday I ended up having to spend some time at the dr.  Turns out I over reacted (as usual) and in turn, missed my Pinterest Pick.


So this week, I'm going to share an activity I found that's not only fun to make but educational as well!  My two kids helped put this together and have played with it since.  (Even though it's probably meant for younger ones...)

So Dandee at Dandee-designs.com made an amazing felt and wood matching game.  Sure, you can buy a matching game with at any store but this is SO MUCH BETTER.  

The awesome thing about this craft is that while a tutorial is provided at Dandee Design, you do not need one.  Turns out I made mine a little differently than the blogger that originally made these.

These are the supplies I used.  Oh. And Fabric Glue.  But I'm sure that you could use hot glue or tacky glue  The wood disks are easily obtainable at any craft store.  I found my bag of 22 at Michaels.

All you have to do is cut shapes out of felt and glue them to the disks. Easy easy.  

I chose to do basic shapes but the possibilities are endless. Animals, bugs, letters... I'm even thinking that it would be fun to mod podge pictures of familiar faces on these things.  (Who'd have thought that wooden disks would be so fun?)

Oh!  And I chose to match the colors of the shapes.  That way it's not just matching shapes but colors as well.

Seriously, how cute is this? And it's so cheap to make!  The disks were 2.99 for a package of 22. The felt is .29 a sheet. You only need a little bit so I'm guessing you'll already have it in your stash.  If you don't, don't be afraid to play with other ideas.  Paper, other fabrics, paint... Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

So there it is! And here's a Valentines Day tip! Make small sets to send with the preschooler you know that's having a Valentine's Day Party. You could include a note that says "We make a great match, Valentine!"

(I'm all about anti candy crafty Valentines favors)

In fact, be ready for a Valentines post this week.  With Vday just around the corner, we all need some last minute ideas.

Happy Tuesday!


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