Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest Pick of the Week! DIY Chalkboard Paint

So I had a pick in mind for today but I decided to hold of on that one till the next post.  Because the next post is going to be the first room reveal of the Sugar Crumbs household!  

So today, to take it's place, I'm going to share a super cool, super easy tutorial that is pinned EVERYWHERE on Pinterest.  

DIY Chalkboard Paint. 

SO chalkboard paint is pretty self explanatory.  You use it on just about any surface and tada! You have a chalkboard.  The downside?  Not only is it pricey, it only comes in limited colors.  And by limited, I mean green and black.


Thanks to the millions of motivated DIYers out there, there are now tons of recipes to make this awesome paint at home.  And all you need is latex or acrylic paint and non sanded tile grout.

And, of course, upon discovering this, I wanted to chalkboard paint... well, everything.  

I settled for a mirror.

I've had this mirror forever.  More because I like the frame than anything else. I'm not often using it as a mirror.  However, it's the perfect size for a memo board.

So I mixed 3 tbsp of acrylic paint with 1.5 tsp of white non sanded tile grout and painted the mirror.  

Muuuuuch better!  Now I have a place to write down those little things I need remember... Like appointments I quickly make. Or phone messages (Do people actually take those?)

This whole thing cost me a whopping 2 bucks.  And I still have paint to use! 

(Wonder if Jon would let me paint the fridge like this blogger did?)

Ahhh, I love it!  

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  1. I love this idea and that frame was a great find! I need to be more crafty!

  2. Isn't the frame fab? I just love it... Much better now that it's not a mirror for sure!


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