Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Epically Epic! (And a giveaway that's equally awesome!)

I recently had the awesome pleasure of ordering from an amazing Etsian. I do my fair share of Etsy shopping but every so often come across a seller that I have to share with the world.

Epically Epic Soap Co. definitely earned some blog time from me.

I came across Epically Epic Soap very randomly. And I'll admit, I only clicked on her shop because of the name. I was online looking for a gift... Clicking into the Bath and Beauty section was purely accidental. But the name was so enticing that I couldn't bring myself to hit the back button.

10 minutes later, I was checking out of the shop with a few gifts for... well, me. (I still haven't purchased a gift for the person I was supposed to be shopping for. Bad Erin!)

A week later, this glorious little assortment of products arrived in my mailbox.

Am I the only one who has never heard of Lychee scented... anything? I saw this solid "Multi Purpose" lotion in "I Love Lychee" and couldn't resist. Shop owner Allison claims this as a personal favorite and I can see why! It smells incredible. The scent is lightly floral. And thus far I've used it as a hand lotion, a cuticle softener and a fragrance. Multipurpose indeed!

Bullfrog scented lip tint. I was a little worried about that till I read that most of Epically Epic's products are Vegan. It's actually peach, cherry, lemon and gin scented. Not Bullfrog at all... Which was a relief! The tint is subtle and lovely. The scent is enticing. I find myself applying more liberally than necessary just to get a whiff. Yeah, I'm weird.

Ah, Almond Honey Oatmeal Moisturizing Soap. You are the best friend to my winter skin. This is soap is super moisturizing. With 4 skin thirst quenching ingredients, how could it not be? The lather is amazing and yet again, Allison nailed the scent. It's sweet scent is not overpowering and give way to a nice clean fragrance. And the hand crafted appearance makes it perfect for display!

All in all, I am one happy girl. So happy that I have to share with one of you! So I'm giving away one of Epically Epic's AWESOME gift sets.

This gift set will include 3 of Epically Epics delicious and amazing scented lip balms, randomly selected by Allison herself.

Want a chance at it? Leave me a comment telling me what Epic Item you'd gift from Epically Epic Soap.

(Wanna double your entries? Like me on Fb!)

The winner will be randomly selected and annouced Saturday, January 14th at noon!

**I'll be reviewing shops monthly AND holding a giveaway for the shop of the month! Have a shop you'd like to recommend? Leave me a comment or email me at**

**Congrats to Ronice for winning this month's giveaway!**


  1. Which item WOULDN'T I gift?!? Great find Erin~thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. The mimosa lip balm sounds delicious! I'd definitely gift that!


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