Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Leg Warmers. A Tutorial for the Masses.

I came across a pic the other day of my oldest wearing a pair of baby leg warmers.  And I just squealed over how cute he was!

Then I squealed again because I remembered that in June, I'll have another to dress in baby leg warmers. Yay!  

In case you didn't know, baby leg warmers are NOT just for keeping legs warm.  These things are amazing. perfect for the gaps between pant legs and shoes... even better for those onesie clad cuties learning to crawl.  (Ever wonder if the babies mind the carpet rubbing on them when they start crawling?  I would...)

However, a pair of stylish baby leg warmers will run ya about $12.  Not bad, but my inner cheapskate crafter won't allow that.  Especially when I can make the same thing out of a pair of socks!

Wanna know how? Here goes!  Sugar Crumbs first tutorial!

DIY Baby LegWarmers
(That literally take 10 minutes to make!)

First, you're gonna need a pair of socks.  Any pair will do aside from the ankle length socks but I prefer knee highs. That gives some room to grow.

Cut off the feet.

Once you've cut off the feet, you're going to want to measure aboooout 2" in the center of the foot.  I've pinned off a 2 inch section to show. It doesn't have to be exact so if you don't want to measure, just eye ball it a little. (That's what I did. Shhhhh.)

Cut out that section and get rid of the toe and the heel. You don't need them! (Or hold onto them. Goodness knows when you make need a spare heel or toe.)

Take the 2" section and fold it in half. I find it easier to do this around my hand so that I can make sure it's even.

Once you've done that, you're going to take your little folded piece and put it around the cut edge of the sock. It should form a tube. Keep your raw edges facing outward (You should see nothing but raw edge if you look at the sock.)

Now for the hard part. Sew around the edges but DON'T sew the sock shut. You just want to connect the raw edge of the cuff to the raw edge of the sock.  You can do this by hand or machine. Machine definitely is quicker.


Seriously, that's it.  

Now go! Make a million!  But before you do, take a look at this sneak peak for the room reveal.


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