Saturday, January 14, 2012

Keeping It Clean: Homemade FAIL.

One of the hardest things about going home made with cleaners is the commitment.  At least, for me it is. If I make a whole bottle of all purpose cleaner, I'm going to want to use that whole bottle just so I don't waste supplies.  Even if I hate it.

(For the record, I don't!)

So when I was emailed the suggestion of oven cleaner, I thought "Why not?"

To me, a home made, ORGANIC, oven cleaner seems amazing.  I can't stand the fact that I have to put such harsh chemicals in something I use to prepare food.  I don't know, even though it get thoroughly rinsed out, it still seems icky.

Unfortunately, with the way I cook, I have to clean the oven out kind of often.

A reader sent me a recipe tip she found online.  Apparently you sprinkle your oven with baking powder and then spray vinegar on it. Then let it set for a while.  In the end, you're supposed to be able to wipe the grease and grime away.

Simple enough, right?

Here's how it went.

So there's the oven post chicken roast grease explosion (don't ask...).  And there's the picture of the oven after the cleaning.  If you click the pic, you'll see there's not much different.  It did clean some surface mess, but the sticky grease remained.  

I'm going to call this tip a FAIL for the Sugar Crumbs house.

However, home made oven cleaner did interest me so I did some research.  And found these recipes.  Maybe one of you will have success, I know I'm going to try a few!

Most of these call for the same ingredients.  Baking soda and water.  But each has it's own twist, whether it's salt or ammonia. One commenter even adds scrubbing with a salted lemon!    

So I guess it's back to the oven for me. I'm determined to find something that works! Oh  well... at least my all purpose cleaner is amazing.  

And that, dear reader, is for next week!

**Have a tip or recipe you'd like to see tested?  Leave a comment or Email me!**

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