Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

Ah, a new year :)

"But where were you last year?"

Hold on... I'm getting to that. As I was saying, Aaaah, a new year. A new chapter. Hopefully one I'm not in charge of the timeline of.

Yep. The reason that I was missing in action for nearly half a year was because I was put in charge of a timeline. Not a work timeline, mind you. That I can handle. No, I was put in charge of handling a timeline that involved life outside of toy making and crocheting. I know, you didn't know I had one of those things called a life! (Truth be told, I just discovered it!)

So let's recap 2011.

Let's start with major event number one. Jon proposed. I said yes.

(Yes, he does usually carry around a sophisticated black umbrella. He's gentlemanly like that.)

After that came the emotional roller coaster called house hunting. Nothing, I mean nothing, could have prepared me for how difficult that was going to be. I felt like my sons after a late bedtime. Cranky and a little (a lot) emotional. I'd like one house, Jon would hate it. Jon would like a house and I'd be ultra supportive and say "Let's get this one."

(No, that's not true. I often found that I didn't like the houses he liked.)

Finally, we found a house we both liked and we bought it. Closed in July. I wish I could say it was that simple buuuuuut it wasn't. And that's another story for another time.

So we bought the house in July and planned to get married in October in the Keys. Plenty of time to start painting and getting the house ready to move into! It was the perfect plan!

However, we decided to do this.

Yep. We eloped. In early August. Ya know. Only 2 weeks after we closed on the house.

Aaaaand a week before the craft show. The craft show that calls in 40,000 people.

The show went well! Aside from being flooded out. I'm not kidding. We were literally flooded out.

As for the rest of the year? Well, its been a lot of home improvement projects. Which will be all be revealed in other posts at later times.

Oh yeah... and being sick as a dog... Thanks to this October discovery.

Lol, okay... I think that this post alone has proven I should NEVER be allowed to timeline.

Unless it comes to home improvement. Which brings me to my 2012 resolution.

Get these projects done so I can share with all of you!

That's as far as I'm taking my resolution... Otherwise this year will be like last year.

But that, my dear reader, wouldn't be all that bad! 2011 was beautiful.

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