Monday, April 23, 2012

Pinterest Pick; Puppet Theater!

So thanks to my husband, both of my children are OBSESSED with The Muppet Show.  Seriously.  They would sit around and watch The Muppets all day if I'd let them.

Don't worry, don't worry.  I don't.

However, the TV limit I set doesn't seem to affect their obsession with The Muppets.  My oldest will pretend to be Kermit and introduces family members as guest stars.  And the youngest?  He's often Gonzo the Great.  Not too surprising if you ask me.

So it became apparent that my boys NEEDED a puppet theater.  But I wasn't about to buy one.  I'd thought of everything from a simple curtain rod across a doorway to a more complex wooden one that I saw DIYed out of an old hutch top.

But nothing beat the ease of the PVC Pipe Puppet Theater shown at

That. Is. Cute.  Light weight, portable AND you can take it apart and store it when you're not using it. Perfect.  And it's PVC pipe.  Which is, like, dirt cheap.  (Yes, I added the like in there.  Imagine me cracking my gum now. lol)

So I got to work.  Making a list for my lovely, hardware store visiting husband.  He picked up the PVC pipe.  And cut it.  Oh yeah, he assembled it too.

Hey, I contributed.  While he worked on other stuff later, I made the curtains and helped the boys make some epic sock puppets.  But if it had been up to me to measure, cut and assemble pipes... well, the puppet theater never would have made it to this point.

Pardon me while I giggle with glee.  I am in love with this theater.  The blogger at She Wears Flowers opted to paint the PVC and I think it's a good idea.  Unless you do what I did and make it on a day that it's, you know, pouring.  Under normal circumstances, I'd have painted in the basement.  But Jon says no spray painting down there. 

*facepalm*  Smart man, but I wanted to paint it.

However, it doesn't seem to matter that the frame is still white.  The boys LOVE it.  I've been honored with private puppet shows all day.  

Well, you know what they say...

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights...

Until next time, Happy Monday!

** Be sure to follow me on Pinterest!  And check back soon.  I think it's only fair that I give an awesome sock puppet tutorial since you're about to have a puppet theater. ;) *


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