Monday, April 9, 2012

Pinterest Pick of the Week: Fairy Gardens

I should NOT be posting this.

I was going to get Jon to write up a little blog about this particular topic but I didn't.  Truth be told, I had little to do with today's post.  In fact, this is about how far in depth I got into this project.

"Jon!  Look at this!  Look at this little garden!  I want one!"

And in my defense, that's about as close to this project I should be!

So I found this little beauty on Pinterest.

Isn't that gorgeous?  Obviously, I fell in love at once and wanted it.  Problem is that while most people are born with a even a semi green thumb, I was born with a dead thumb.  I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT make any plant grow in a container.  I can grow a garden in the ground but not a container.

Luckily, I married someone who has 2 green thumbs.  Jon's a hobby gardener and has impressed me quite a bit throughout our relationship with his beautifully green plants.

(I'll never know how he figured out the appropriate watering methods... I over water or underwater.  And by underwater, I mean forget I have a plant until it's brown and crispy. lol)

So when I approached him with the "little garden," it was no big deal.  And he was glad I spared some poor plants life by asking him to do it instead if taking matters into my own hands.  I told him what I wanted it to look like (organized chaos, natural, a place I'd like to be if I were an inch tall...) and within a few days, he'd selected plants and the container and put it all together.

Eep!!!  Isn't that gorgeous?  

I love the little trails and smooth stones, perfect for a fairy to relax on after a stroll through.

It's just perfect, better than I had even imagined!

Have you made a tabletop garden or a fairy garden?  Let me know about it!

(And feel free to pass some gardening tips my way!)

Happy Monday!


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