About Me!

Yep. That's me.  Erin. 

I guess I could've posted a better picture. One of me aaall cleaned up. But I'm pretty sure that this particular picture pretty much explains me to a "T."  Always smiling, always hitching a ride on geese.

Okay, maybe not.

But that's me nonetheless. I'm a wife to a nerd, mom to two crazy boys and crafter to the max. Crafting and creating has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  And while I do dabble in just about every craft realm I can get my hands on, crocheting is where my crafting heart belongs. Something about a hook and skein of yarn just makes me delirious with happiness. (Just ask my husband... He's seen the yarn stash... yeesh.)

Follow along with me while I work my way through infinite amounts of crafts, parenting and life in general.  There'll be plenty of tutorials, recommendations and occasional rambling about things that I obsess with. 

Oh yeah... And this is what I look like when I'm not hitching rides from geese.

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