Sunday, September 9, 2012

6 Things Sunday. Desserts.

I don't know what it is about the end of summer time that makes me crave sugar.

Okay... That is giving me a lot of credit.  I crave sugar 97.3% of the time.  But it's worse at the end of summer.  Seriously.

So today I'm giving you the best 6 Things Sunday ever.

6 Dessert Recipes That Make Me Glad I'm Not Dieting. 

Chef in Training

No explanation is needed as to why I want to make this.  Fortunately, it looks simple enough for a busy mom to make!

The Girl Who Ate Everything

Move over, Chex Mix.  Move over, boring Muddy Buddies. This recipe looks perfect for a kids party snack. (Or late night snack for mama.)

Sugar Cooking

I want to make these... like, now.

So, How's it Taste?

Apparently, these are so good that they nearly knock your clothes off.  Um, I'm game.

Minimalist Baker 

Okay, this technically isn't a dessert. It's a breakfast. But it looks good enough to be dessert... And it's for breakfast. Why would I argue about so much sweetness to start off the day?

Baked Perfection

Nothing welcomes in fall better than apples.  And caramel.  Especially when it's in cupcake form. 

There you have it.  Six recipes that will contribute to my eventual battle with the scale. Instead of diving right in, though, I'm going to light my Chocolate Truffle Diamond Candle. Maybe that'll hold my cravings at bay.

Until next time, Happy Sunday!


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