Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who needs to buy new stuff?

Hey, everyone!  Did you miss me?

So I took a break from blogging.  Turns out there's a lot to do the last week of summer vacation.  But summer vacation is officially over and so is my break time.

As much as I'm going to miss having the kiddos here to play all day, I am looking forward to falling leaves and pumpkin pies.

Okay, mostly pumpkin pies.

So you want to know what I did last week?  If you follow me on Facebook, you know I took on a big project.  Today is the BIG reveal.

A while back, Jon picked up this huge entertainment cabinet set.  The price was right, it was in great condition so he brought it home.  And since then, it's sat around the house being kind of useless.  Until last week.  I finally came up with the perfect idea for the most annoying piece.

This is most annoying piece. It's the part of the set that a TV is supposed to go in.  Maybe it looks better with the doors open.

Ack! No!  It doesn't even have shelves in there!  So beyond the cutout back and the brassy hardware, this cabinet is just not... right.  It's big and masculine(ish?) and just too heavy.

Would you believe some paint and creativity would completely transform this?

Hello, Spiffy new computer hutch!  Remember when I said I had ideas for my work area?  Turns out this was it... And here I thought I was going to have to scour craigslist for something.

I'm so in love with this.  Paint and new MDF for the back really made this.  The crystal handles pulled it together.

I covered the back with fabric and I love how that came out.  Super easy and it really adds interest to the cabinet.

Special thanks to Jon for all his help.  Especially the slide out keyboard shelf!  I'm currently working at the hutch and this is the first time a keyboard shelf has been where it needs to be for me to type comfortably.

One more time, because I am in love with the difference!  Wooo!

Now I have 800 other pieces of furniture that I want to make over.

Until next time, Happy Thursday!

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